Lori S. from Tampa Bay, FL.

Every month, we feature one lucky Value Seekers Club® member and their story so we can all get to know each other... that’s why we call it a "Club!" This month’s Value Seeker is Lori S. from Tampa Bay, FL.

Here’s a little bit about Lori:

My name is Lori S. and I LOVE Dollar Tree! ...My sons love Dollar Tree also, especially our youngest son, Matthew. He is 26 years old and on the autism spectrum. He lives in a group home in Pinellas County and when we pick him up on Sundays for the day, he always asks to go to Dollar Tree and will even tell us which Dollar Tree to go to. I also like the Dollar Trees that have refrigerator/freezers in their stores. Just yesterday, I went to Dollar Tree and bought 2 bags of steak fries to use in my brand new Air Fryer. I love that I can now make French Fries without cooking in a deep fat fryer. Just yesterday, there were coupons on display to buy 3 of the breaded frozen chicken products, and get $1 off. So, I bought one bag of chicken breasts, one bag of chicken nuggets, and one bag of popcorn chicken. I will take those over to my son’s group home and place in the freezer so he can get microwave skills preparing them.

I worked from 2008 – 2013 with adults with developmental disabilities. One client I worked with, I would help her with her cooking skills. When we would go out in the community every Saturday for 6 hours, she always wanted to go to Dollar Tree and was even given a Dollar Tree gift card for Christmas from her father. I like that Dollar Tree sells mylar balloons also.

I joined the Value Seekers Club for recipes and crafting ideas. Here’s a frugal idea or tip that I learned from my mom many years ago. Store your flour in containers in the freezer. No bugs will get into the flour that way. With living in Florida, it works! No bugs get into the flour, unless they're already there...
I included my family’s 2015 Christmas photo. All 4 of us love Dollar Tree. My son wearing the glasses is the one always asking to go to Dollar Tree. The other photo is a duct tape placemat I made last year. To make it, use a long white piece of computer paper — longer than 8x11". Cover both sides of the paper with duct tape strips. These were made for Halloween at an Adult Day Training program I used to work at. I even cut out letters from duct tape for all of the clients in my room to make them more personalized. The clients used them as placemats when they ate their snack lunches they brought from home.