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Nicole G. from Fall River, MA

Every month we feature one lucky Value Seekers Club member and their story so we can all get to know each other... that’s why we call it a “club”! This month’s Value Seeker is Nicole G from Fall River, MA. Here’s a little bit about Nicole:

“I am a mother of three, a Girl Scout leader & a party planner. Dollar Tree is my one-stop shop for all my household needs, scouting craft materials & party goods. My favorite item would have to be all the great glassware. I can get glass bowls for the house, vases for my next party's candy buffet table & mason jars for my next crafting project with my troop. I love the
feeling I get when I find that "special" item I need & I know I can buy as many as I want & still be within budget. I joined VSC for the many crafting ideas & fun recipes I can find on the site & share with my family & friends. And now that I'm getting married in May, I plan on shopping Dollar Tree for my many wedding needs all at a fraction of the price, making planning my wedding a little less stressful.”

We want to get to know you, too! Email us at dtvsc@dollartree.com and tell us about yourself, and be sure to include a picture! Here are some questions to ponder to get you started (but, you can tell us whatever you think is important to know about you):

  • Why do you LOVE Dollar Tree?

  • What’s your favorite Dollar Tree item?

  • Tell us your favorite Dollar Tree story.

  • Share your favorite frugal idea.

  • How do you save at Dollar Tree?

  • Why did you join the Value Seekers Club?