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3 Pool Noodle Games

Even if you don’t go anywhere near the water this spring and summer, pool noodles can still provide outdoor entertainment! Add water balloons and play baseball, or use duct tape to create pool noodle shapes and invent all sorts of games. The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

  1. Hopscotch – Tape pool noodles into circles for a grass-friendly/no-sidewalk chalk version. Easily change up the pattern whenever you like by placing the circular pool noodles on the grass (see image #1).
  2. Obstacle Course – Create challenging jumps, slalom courses, goals for a ball toss, and more. 
  3. Baseball – Fill a sand bucket with water balloon “baseballs,” turn four noodles into circles for “bases,” and cut one in half to make two “bats” (see image #2). Use the water balloons to tag runners, and give bonus points for not breaking balloons. Most importantly, have fun!