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Flameless Tealight Flowers

These colorful flowers are pretty in the daylight, but they’re at their best when the lights are low. Scatter them on reception tables, buffet tables, or across a windowsill for a romantic glow.

Shop at Dollar Tree – Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2 or 3 Artificial Flower Heads (Leaves are Optional)
  • LED Tealight Candles
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Pull the artificial flower heads off the flower stems and disassemble the heads. Discard the plastic centers and organize the petals in piles by size (see image #1) .
  2. Each layer of petals has a center hole. On two or three of the smallest petal layers, carefully enlarge the center holes with scissors. Push the bulb of an LED tealight candle through the opening (see image #2).
  3. Cut the remaining petals into individual sections, each with 2-3 petals. Glue a layer of petal sections around the top of the tealight to cover the plastic (see image #3).
  4. Glue individual petal sections to the sides of the tealight so that all of the plastic is covered in petals (see image #4).
  5. Add the finishing touch by gluing the artificial leaves to the bottom of the tealight (see image #5).