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Eva L. from White House, TN

Every month we feature one lucky Value Seekers Club member and their story so we can all get to know each other... that’s why we call it a "Club!" This month’s Value Seeker is Eva L. from White House, TN.

Here’s a Little Bit About Eva:

"I am happy for the opportunity to share my DT story! Dollar Tree is certainly my ‘go-to’ source for all things family and work! I teach adult learners (Dental Assisting) and I visit Dollar Tree almost weekly to purchase things for my classroom, my students, and my professional sponsors! Two times a year, I host a meeting of Dental Industry Professionals. My ‘goodie bag’ gifts all come from Dollar Tree, and they are always a big hit with the recipients. My classroom has benefited from my shopping excursions at Dollar Tree as well. You will find holiday decorations, school/office supplies and crafts from Dollar Tree every day!

I have shared some of my fabulous finds with my fellow instructors… for example your wide wrapping paper makes excellent bulletin board cover!! Decorative ‘Duct Tape’ is always used as border on the bulletin boards, too! Wrapping paper that comes in ‘seasons’ is used and my students and other instructors are in awe that those decorations come from Dollar Tree! And the greatest time to buy Christmas bulletin board covers is after-Christmas sale time!!

When my students have a project for class, I always suggest they shop at Dollar Tree for their classroom needs! They are surprised at the variety of items that can be found there. My daughters and sons-in-law look forward to Easter baskets, Birthday bags, Christmas stockings, and ‘parting gifts’ from the Dollar Tree. You have excellent buyers for the company. One of my favorite finds lately is the candle shades made for wine glasses with the battery operated lights! What a hit they were on my cocktail table! I just can’t say enough great things about the selection, friendly associates in the stores, and the price is what it is all about!! Thanks for the good job you do in providing us all with such a creative selection of unique items!"

We want to get to know you, too! Email us at dtvsc@dollartree.com and tell us about yourself, and be sure to include a picture! Here are some questions to ponder to get you started (but, you can tell us whatever you think is important to know about you):

  • Why do you LOVE Dollar Tree?
  • What’s your favorite Dollar Tree item?
  • Tell us your favorite Dollar Tree story.
  • Share your favorite frugal idea.
  • How do you save at Dollar Tree?
  • Why did you join the Value Seekers Club?