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Trendy Spring Manicure Ideas

The weather is warming up, birds are chirping, flowers and trees are starting to bud... and we are excited about COLOR! You don’t have to spend a fortune to get fun, colorful, trendy looks on your nails this spring — you can just grab some girlfriends and pick from the rainbow of amazing polishes, striping brushes, and sparkly gems in the makeup aisle of your local Dollar Tree! We even have all of the basic manicure supplies you need, from lotions and cotton balls to polish remover. Here are a few springtime looks to get you started:


  1. Paint your basecoat (we used a bright blue). Let dry.
  2. Using two small pieces of clear tape, tape a triangle on the base of the nail. Paint your contrasting color inside the taped area (we used pink).
  3. Once dry, carefully pull the tape off your nails. Use a white liner brush to accent the triangle.
  4. Coat with a topcoat.

Neon Stripes:

  1. Paint your nails with a bright basecoat, such as blue.
  2. Use clear tape to make a stripe across your nail. Brush with white polish and let dry. Grab a hot pink liner brush and paint pink stripes across the white. Let dry and carefully pull off the tape.
  3. Use a green liner brush to paint the tips of the nails.
  4. Using a black liner brush or toothpick, place a small black dot in the middle of the nail. Top with a nail art heart (Tip: to get accurate placement, wet the tip of a toothpick and use it to pick up the heart and place on the nail).
  5. Once dry, set with a topcoat.

Cherry Blossoms:

  1. Paint your basecoat.
  2. Use a black liner brush to swipe “branches” across the nail, leaving room for flowers.
  3. Use a toothpick to place a small dot of pink at each branch end. Push the dot of polish into petal shapes. Let dry.
  4. Use a clean toothpick to place small yellow centers on each flower.
  5. Top with a topcoat.