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DIY Pedestal Glass Candy Jars

Remember grandma's crystal candy jar in the living room? You can bring a bit of that nostalgia to your own home with these easy-to-make — and super affordable — pedestal candy jars! Save your empty pickle, spaghetti sauce, or other glass jars, clean them well, and use them to store and display sweet treats. Make a collection of them to display as a candy buffet, combine with vases of flowers for a fun centerpiece, or give as gifts or party favors. It's easy to personalize them to any décor or occasion, and they simply could not be any cuter!

Shop at Dollar Tree – Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Glass Jar with Lid (cleaned well and dry)
  • Glass Taper Candleholder
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Figurine (optional decoration for top of jar)

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Paint the candlestick and the jar lid to match. If embellishing with a figurine, glue it to the jar lid before painting.
  2. Glue the taper candleholder to the bottom of the jar.
  3. Allow to fully dry before adding candy.

    Tip: Vary the color of your pedestals for a fun grouping of jars, or use contrasting paint colors to embellish your pedestals and lids with dots or stripes... let your imagination run wild!