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Rebecca from Libby, MT

Every month we feature one lucky Value Seekers Club member and their story so we can all get to know each other... that’s why we call it a “club”! This month’s Value Seeker is Rebecca from Libby, Montana. Here’s a little bit about Rebecca:

"Dollar Tree is a smart way to shop during these tough economic times. It takes the guess work out of shopping to know you will only pay a dollar for each item you purchase. I especially like the fact there is so much from which to choose — everything from arts and crafts to cleaning products and food/snacks. I also appreciate that I do not have to walk a huge warehouse to shop. I find what I want quickly and checkout is usually swift. I think it is a brilliant marketing strategy to have everything priced a dollar. My budget is my lifeline and being able to find the things my family needs at affordable prices means so much! 

The seasonal items and greeting cards there are amazing. I shop there to fill gifts for the battered women's and children's shelter in my community, and those who receive these gifts are so grateful — toys, clothing, candy, toothbrushes, and more for the kids, and the ladies like the L.A. Colors makeup, perfume and toiletries, hair and body care, and sweets, too. You cannot imagine the joy of giving someone something they need as well as extra little gifts just to brighten their holiday or any day. I think it's truly amazing that you can walk in the store and leave with so much for so little. I recommend Dollar Tree to everyone I know."

We want to get to know you, too! Email us at dtvsc@dollartree.com and tell us about yourself, and be sure to include a picture! Here are some questions to ponder to get you started (but, you can tell us whatever you think is important to know about you):

  • Why do you LOVE Dollar Tree?
  • What’s your favorite Dollar Tree item?
  • Tell us your favorite Dollar Tree story.
  • Share your favorite frugal idea.
  • How do you save at Dollar Tree?
  • Why did you join the Value Seekers Club?