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Christine from Omaha, NE

Every month we feature one lucky Value Seekers Club member and their story so we can all get to know each other... that’s why we call it a “club”! This month’s Value Seeker is Christine from Omaha, Nebraska. Here’s a little bit about Christine:

"[I love that] I can buy arts and crafts supplies... for so much cheaper than the usual craft stores! Some of the items are just as good or better than what you find at craft stores for several times the cost. Since I regularly need to buy multiple items for my art group at a nursing facility, I need to save money on my supplies. I am quite picky about my supplies, and I usually don't go wrong with what I buy at Dollar Tree for a buck.

My favorite craft items are the 3-D scrapbooking stickers, the packages of fine glitter, the seasonal photo stickers, the rolls of [craft] tape, the cute wooden birdhouses, the silk flowers, 2 & 3 [count] packs of electric tealights, foam mounting squares, rectangular glass candle jars, and star and heart-shaped glass containers."

We want to get to know you, too! Email us at dtvsc@dollartree.com and tell us about yourself, and be sure to include a picture! Here are some questions to ponder to get you started (but, you can tell us whatever you think is important to know about you):

  • Why do you LOVE Dollar Tree?
  • What’s your favorite Dollar Tree item?
  • Tell us your favorite Dollar Tree story.
  • Share your favorite frugal idea.
  • How do you save at Dollar Tree?
  • Why did you join the Value Seekers Club?