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Ariana B. from Houston, TX

Every month we feature one lucky Value Seekers Club member and their story so we can all get to know each other... that's why we call it a "club"! This month's Value Seeker is Ariana from Houston, TX. Here's a little bit about Ariana:

"I've been an arts and crafts lover since I was a little girl. I was lucky enough to find Dollar Tree years ago, because they have almost everything I need and usually at a fifth of the price! I've never had a problem with any of the merchandise falling apart or not lasting. You can't beat craft supplies for a buck!

Craft stores are pretty expensive. Dollar Tree saves me so much money from the glitter and decorative tape to the picture frames.

I can't take the credit for this idea, because it is all over YouTube, but I love the bracelet holder I made by gluing a crystal candy dish and a glass candle stick together, both from Dollar Tree. It is so gorgeous and really makes my vanity area look more elegant. I've seen people paint them, but I left mine with the classy crystal look. On YouTube, girls have used them as nail polish holders, jewelry organizers, craft supply organizers, and more. I have a lot of bracelets, so that's what worked for me.

I joined the Value Seekers Club in hopes of discovering more fun craft ideas. DIY crafts are quite the obsession for me. I look forward to seeing what's in store (both literally in the store and with the club)."

We want to get to know you, too! Email us at dtvsc@dollartree.com and tell us about yourself, and be sure to include a picture! Here are some questions to ponder to get you started (but, you can tell us whatever you think is important to know about you): 

  • Why do you LOVE Dollar Tree?
  • What's your favorite Dollar Tree item?
  • Tell us your favorite Dollar Tree story.
  • Share your favorite frugal idea.
  • How do you save at Dollar Tree?
  • Why did you join the Value Seekers Club?