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Thanksgiving Bingo

As you gear up for Thanksgiving brunches, dinners, and family gatherings, let us provide the family-friendly fun! Entertain holiday guests of all ages with our free printable: Thanksgiving Bingo. Whether you're looking for a little competitive fun while the turkey cooks, a laugh in between the main meal and the dessert, or a fun way to kick back and relax after dinner, this is the perfect game for you!

Print off one Thanksgiving Bingo playing card for each guest and use little pieces of paper, pebbles, or candy corn to mark the playing card when each icon is called. Write each icon/word on a scrap of paper and mix up in a hat or other container. When the Bingo caller yells out each icon name, place a marker on the playing card. The first player to fill a row, column, or diagonal line wins!

Download Printable Here