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Front Door Bat Printable

Greet your guests this Halloween with a swarming colony of spooky bats! Print this free printable and use it as a pattern to create the bats out of construction paper, poster board, or foam sheets. Then all you have to do is tape them across your front door to create an ominous entrance! They’ll also look great flying across your living room or classroom — anywhere that needs an eerie touch.

There are lots of great Halloween and fall decorating ideas on this month’s Value Seekers Club Page! Hunt for Fall Floral Centerpieces, Popsicle Stick Pumpkins, Monster Luminaries, Studded & Glittered Pumpkins, and Witch’s Apothecary Jars to make this the best harvest season yet — and at Dollar Tree prices, you’ll have enough money leftover for a few treats of your own!

Download Printable Here