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Hidden Organizers

It's a new year... is your house organized? If January just seemed to fly by and you didn't have the chance to clean up, now is the time to maximize your space! Organize the small, miscellaneous things that accumulate around your sink or on your vanity in one place by hanging a wire drawer organizer from self-adhesive hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors.

Ideal for these locations:

  • Kitchen: Stash dish sponges and a roll of trash bags under the sink.
  • Pantry: Organize spices or individual bags of snacks for easy on-the-go snacking.
  • Bathroom: Create an easy-to-reach home for your curling iron, makeup, hair products, first-aid supplies, bath toys, or medicines.
  • Craft Room: Store the supplies you use most often — sewing kit, scissors, ribbon, or small jars of glitter or sequins — in one location.
  • Foyer Closet: You won't forget the essentials (keys, dog leashes, dog treats, dog wastebags, or small umbrellas) after installing a door organizer. 
  • Bedroom Closet: Keep his and her accessories separated with multiple organizers for socks, rolled ties or belts, scarves, or lint rollers.
  • Kids' Room/Nursery: Maintain cleanliness in your childrens' rooms by storing diaper ointment and lotions, small toys, pencils, crayons, and other homework supplies inside closet or cabinet doors.