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Waterproof Tic-Tac-Toe

Do you love outdoor summer sports and activities like swimming, playing beach volleyball, or building sand castles? Bring a classic indoor game to the outdoors with waterproof tic-tac-toe! Kick back and play in the shade at your next picnic or on a float at your next pool party.

Note: One curtain and two noodles can make approximately six grids. Keep a set in your beach bag, pool bag, picnic basket, backyard, and the kids’ bathtub!

Shop at Dollar Tree – Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Two Pool Noodles (Two Different Colors)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Shower Curtain
  • Scissors

 Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Cut a white or solid-color shower curtain into an 8x8" square.
  2. Using a permanent marker, draw the tic-tac-toe grid directly onto the shower curtain.
  3. Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut X's and O's from two different-colored pool noodles (see image #1). Note: Children should not cut pool noodles unless supervised by an adult.
  4. Simply set up the grid and let the battle begin (see image #2)!