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Creepy Halloween Hand Soap

Your Halloween décor doesn't have to stop at the kitchen sink... add some festive fun to hand-washing with Creepy Halloween Hand Soap! Create your own by filling a soap bottle with plastic spiders, eyeballs, or skeleton bones. Place a bottle in each of your bathroom and kitchen sinks at home, work, or school and spook your friends!

Shop at Dollar Tree – Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Transparent or Tinted Hand Soap Bottle
  • Creepy Items (Plastic Googly Eyes, Spiders, Bugs, or Bones)

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Gather your favorite soap and a collection of Halloween embellishments for a simple décor project (see image #1).
  2. Remove all labels or stickers from the soap bottle (see image #1).
  3. Prepare your creepy items. Hot glue two googly eyes together so they form a double-sided eye. This ensures eye visibility as they float around the bottle.
  4. Remove the soap pump dispenser cap and fill the bottle with Halloween items (see image #3). Note: You may need to pour out or use a small amount of soap to make room for the spooky embellishments!
  5. Secure the dispenser cap back onto the bottle and place your Creepy Halloween Hand Soap on display next to the sink!