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Crafters Challenge Contest Winners

In March, we challenged you to put on your crafting hats and come up with your coolest craft using a flower pot/planter and other products available at Dollar Tree for a chance to win Dollar Tree gift cards. Boy, did you all deliver! Here are our lucky winners:

Here are our lucky winners:

1st Place Grand Prize: $300 Dollar Tree Gift Card

  • Krista R. from Spring, Texas

2nd Place: $200 Dollar Tree Gift Card

  • Laura S. from Highland Lakes, New Jersey

3rd Place: $100 Dollar Tree Gift Card

  • Connie H. from North Bend, Oregon

4th–9th Place: $20 Dollar Tree Gift Card

  • Theresa M. from Carrolltown, Pennsylvania
  • Amy W. from Waco, Texas
  • Teri T. from Lexington. Tennessee
  • Trudi B. from Longs, South Carolina
  • Sue. H from Manassas, Virginia
  • Nancy J. from Boone, Iowa
  • Cassandra M. from Independence, Virginia
  • Chas G. from Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Katrina B. from Gainesville, Florida
  • Joan F. from King George, Virginia