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Framed Butterflies

Club member Roxy F. recently created a lovely butterfly display with supplies from Dollar Tree. She loved the project outcome so much that she wanted to share as inspiration for other Club members!

"Hello! I have been a Dollar Tree hunter and gatherer for just over two years. The first Dollar Tree store I shopped at was in the Mall of America. I couldn’t find prices on anything and kept asking this sales clerk how much this or that was. Twice he told me “Everything is a dollar”, but it just didn’t register. I couldn’t believe a beautiful, large gift bag was only a dollar, as was a bag of chips! At the register, I turned to my hubby and said, “I wonder how much this pack of gum is” and right behind me was a now familiar voice saying, “It’s a dollar!” We laughed so hard.

As a weekly Dollar Tree shopper, I giggle every time I hear a newbie muttering, “I can’t believe everything is a dollar… even this?!?” Dollar Tree has become my favorite resource for my crafting inspiration. I’ve made beautiful Christmas trays from the silver metal serving trays, planner clips from hair barrettes, and recently, butterfly "specimen displays" from your frames and gorgeous holographic butterfly stickers. They look like the real thing!"

To create displays similar to Roxy's, visit your local Dollar Tree store to stock up on frames and butterfly stickers!